Friday, March 10, 2006

Fri, 10 Mar 2006

i don't know how to explain to you how the special cane being used on you, after only 2 weeks of our breaking up, really hurt me. All i can do is link it to something else. Something that you might be able to relate to. i mean, how would you feel if i asked for the lock back. How would you feel if i decided to wear it "just because". How would you feel if i wanted to wear it whenever i played. How would you feel, if something that special, was used for a purpose other than what it was ment for. What we had said it was ment for. That is how i feel about the special cane. You had said it was for me. Only for me. You showed that to me, but never letting anyone else use it. You showed that to me but never using it on someone else. Then you had someone else use it. You allowed it to be used on someone else. It felt like the specialness of it didn't matter to you. That was how i felt betrayed. Not that you played, but that you used something that was just us. Something that was a representation of us. That was what hurt so much. This is why i want to split up our stuff really soon. So this never happens again. i know some of what i want. Stuff that means something special to me. i don't want everything. This isn't about what i don't want used on someone else, or stuff i don't want on you, but about stuff that i find special. Stuff that meant "us" to me.