Monday, August 04, 2014

Early in the morning

So, it is 2:40am and I am scared to sleep.  I hate this.  This fear that I won't wake-up here at home.  This fear of waking in the hospital again.  I am really doing my best to be healthy, but my sugars are so high. I drove this weekend.   I bought lots of healthy food.  I have been cooking healthy.  I am so trying to do everything I can to stay out of hospital.  Still, this fear makes me so stressed and not sleeping.   Doesn't make sense.

TJ is still doing well.  Still loosing sides. Still having seizures.   Neither lasting as long as they used to, nor being as bad as they used to.

This complex is still a trailer hood.  Now we also call it a high school.  Between people saying they are leaving and then changing their minds then moving again, to people writing petitions about stupid things. None of these people really understand what they are putting others through.  Their maturity is that of teenagers.  Ok. I live in a high school.

3:00am and time to try going to bed again.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I am back!

It has been over a year since I have been here. I actually just figured out how to get back and enter a post. So quick updates and highlights.

March 2013
• My son turned 21

June 2013
• My son finished high school, made it through his graduation, then ended up in Hospital

August 2013
• Finally went to trial for my rape case. He was found guilty of assault and sentenced to 30 days in jail plus 1 year probation. He spent weekends in jail until the 30 days were completed and spent the rest of the weeks on probation

October 2013
• Son's seizures got so bad we were at the hospital every other week so his neurologist sent him for genetics testing

November 2013
• I got pneumonia on the 28th (this is the last thing I remember)

December 2013
• On the 2nd my Son called my Mom and I was taken to hospital by ambulance because I was non responsive.  I was septic, my kidneys had failed and was placed in a coma, intubated, and put on dialysis.  I coded and was brought back in less than 3 minutes. They took me off the coma medication after 2 days.
• I didn't start to wake up until 8 days off the meds. I still don't remember anything,  so am only telling what I have been told.
• I had 3 more hours to live before I was taken to the hospital, and even then I had a 1/3 chance of dying.
• I was in the hospital for a total of 21 days
• A1C = 13.8

January 2014
• I became strong enough to have my Son move back home with me but had to call my family if he went full blown
• I still needed a walker even in the house
• I saw the kidney doctor and was told kidneys were all better. It could happen again
• A1C = 10.3

February 2014
• I graduated to a cane and started receiving care for my bed sore
• The results of my son's genetic testing came back. He has been misdiagnosed for 22 years. He has something called Dystonia 12. He started a new medication and we have not had to call an ambulance since

March 2014
• I turned 44 years old
• No more cane. Still not driving. Had a CT to check if I had a stroke in December. Still chance I have some brain damage from the code in December
• My Son turned 22

April 2014
• I got bronchitis and was set back a month
• A1C = 8.3

May 2014
• Joined the YMCA and attend 2 classes a week with other diabetics.

June 2014
• Left lower leg swells and I stop peeing. I keep drinking but nothing shows up in my bladder. It takes 2 weeks for me to pee properly and not show signs of dehydration
• A1C = 8.4
• Stress increased because neighbours plot to get rid of my dog Charlie, which caused my blood sugars to rise above 30

I am ok. I made it past my rape anniversary by going to my parent's and hanging there. My son and I have a routine we like and are comfortable with.  I hardly order in anymore.  I am cooking more. I am still going to the Y twice a week. I am practicing driving now, getting ready to have my van back. I am more social

A bunch has happened. I have survived. I will continue to survive. I am serious about my diabetes and overall health.

All it took was getting sick and being in a coma.