Monday, November 19, 2007

Not liking to do stuff

Things have been progressing around here. The MIT is back at school (although that may be up for debate tomorrow. He isn't all that healthy) and back on schedule. We are trucking along at a nice pace. i have been getting a number of migraines lately, and it seems that every time i get one, the next day, He is worse than the day before. It is like my migraines are a signal that He will have an episode.

So the title of this little entry is "not liking to do stuff". That is where i am. i am not liking the stuff i have to do.

i have to get my son, my wonderful son, declared incompitent. Yes, i have to have a doctor, or set of doctors (we aren't sure which yet) to say that my son can not make decissions on His own. See the trouble is, He can and He can't.

He can, because He knows what He likes, what He doesn't like. He can't because those choices aren't always in His best interest. Take His heart monitor. He really hates it. He wants to be off it. He knows that He could die if He doesn't wear it, and it doesn't allert me. He just knows that He doesn't like it, so He doesn't want it.

He can't read and understand a contract. In just over 4 months, He would legally be allowed to sign contracts. He isn't capable. i hate saying it, but it is the reality. He can hardly read the contract, never mind understanding what it is saying, or what the consequences of signing a contract can be.

He doesn't understand money. He knows you have to pay for stuff, but He doesn't know how much change He should get back after giving a cashier a $5 for a $1.50 purchase. Heck, He doesn't even know how many dimes are in a dollar. He can tell you who's face is on each bill, but He can't tell you what it is worth.

So yeah. i get to have my son declared incompitent. It feels like i am giving up on Him. That i don't expect Him to reach any goals. It feels like i am taking all His choices away from Him. It feels like i lettign Him down. It feels like i am giving up on Him. That is the crux of it all. It feels like i am giving up on Him.