Monday, August 04, 2014

Early in the morning

So, it is 2:40am and I am scared to sleep.  I hate this.  This fear that I won't wake-up here at home.  This fear of waking in the hospital again.  I am really doing my best to be healthy, but my sugars are so high. I drove this weekend.   I bought lots of healthy food.  I have been cooking healthy.  I am so trying to do everything I can to stay out of hospital.  Still, this fear makes me so stressed and not sleeping.   Doesn't make sense.

TJ is still doing well.  Still loosing sides. Still having seizures.   Neither lasting as long as they used to, nor being as bad as they used to.

This complex is still a trailer hood.  Now we also call it a high school.  Between people saying they are leaving and then changing their minds then moving again, to people writing petitions about stupid things. None of these people really understand what they are putting others through.  Their maturity is that of teenagers.  Ok. I live in a high school.

3:00am and time to try going to bed again.