Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy month and HAPPY!!!!!

OK. So a lot has gone on since the 31st of December, but I am only going to concentrate on one thing.

I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!

That is right.  I now own a dog.  A long time ago, I was allergic to dogs.  When I had an allergy test done again for a food allergy diagnosis, they also tested me for cats and dogs and a few other mundane things.  Well, the cat prick came back as sever.  So no cats for me still.  The dog test came back perfectly fine.  Now I have kept this a secret, because TJ has wanted a dog for a long time, and I wasn't ready.  He and I have talked about it more in the last year.  He has known for a little bit, that I am not allergic to dogs.

Back in October, my "friend" (not anymore, and not really for a very long while) wanted to buy a puggle (part pug and part beagle).  I drove her out to the person that was selling them, and drove the two of them home, and then went out with her to get supplies for the new puppy.  She and her family of 3 kids and a "husband", plus his 2 kids named him Charlie.

I found out on the 16th, that she was trying to sell him, and had been trying since the beginning of the year.  I was livid, and excited.  I asked my Sis her opinion, and she said no.  I asked my Dad his opinion, and he said no.  I asked my Mom her opinion, and she said yes.  My Mom actually said Yes!  I talked to Karen, and she said yes.  That was it.  I said yes.  On the 17th, I drove home after seeing Karen, stopped at my "friend's" place, asked if Charlie was still up for sale, told her I wanted him and off I was to the bank and then back to get the dog. 

After getting him (and a receipt), I started working with him.  He was a lot rowdy.  He was aggressive.  He was hard to relax.  He had long claws.  His last visit to the vet said his next appointment should have been on Dec. 29th.  He was eating yucky food.  He had been left in a cage or on the back deck.  He had never been on a walk.  He was hating the leash.  He had two collars that did nothing to do for a correction.  It turned out he was late for his last set of shots (due on the 29th, then changed to the 14th) and they never even cancelled or went to the appointment. 

Since then, he is a much happier and healthier dog.  He got a check up and his claws cut at the vet's on the 13th.  He will go to the door when he needs to pee or poo.  He knows how to sit and stay.  He is a ball of energy, and I have found 2 ways to expel this pent up energy.  I actually jog with him, or take him to my Mom and Dad's to use their backyard.  I also am doing the "doggy boot camp" the vet recommended.  He is an attention seeker, and we are curbing his choices of how to get attention.  He has run of the house when it is only me and/or TJ home.  He is on leash when Thelma is here.  He is on leash for a lot of the time when Sis is here.  Today he actually stayed off leash when my Dad came to get TJ.  Even in that excitement, he was calm and would sit when told.  He even stayed out and about when TJ went full blown and I had to sit on the floor and pay most of my attention to TJ. We still have problems with walking and him wanting to follow every scent in the world, but things are getting better. 

Since being in my home, he is a well behaved 5 month old boy.  We go for 2-3 walks a day when the MIT is not home from school. We go threw the "doggie boot camp" training at least once a day.  His treats are ice cubes in his water bowl, and cut up carrots.  When he is calm and relaxed, he gets petted and scratched.  When he breaks a rule, his is ignored for a little bit.  He is learning quickly.  He is a joy to have around.