Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home from Camp (day 63 of summer vacation)

Camp was different, and kind of weird this year. It was fun. It was interesting. i totally enjoyed myself.

Arriving first on Thursday, the only one there from my group was cool. i got to unpack my stuff, set up my cabin, and just sit back and relax. i did have moments when i thought i had to do stuff (like in the past) and had to keep telling myself i wasn't working this year. i started my fire. i sat out in the fresh air. i read my book. i listened to the quiet. It was great. Slowly more from my group showed up. L&D were first. Next came H&D. Then there was rain. i was able to keep my fire going during the entire storm. Now that felt cool.

i had made plans with J about meeting up with him at his cabin, with dinner and blankets and stuff in hand. Of course, i didn't know when he would be arriving, or what cabin he would be in. While it was raining, i saw this big guy wandering past my cabin. i called out "Jared?" and he came right over. i stood up, and His approach just bowled me over. i so dropped at that point. He grabbed my hair, kissed me, and asked me where i was. i know i was nervous. i was in "kiddy" mode. i told Him about the frog i found. It was nervous energy.

He told me that he expected me at His cabin, with food and His bed made. God i was so "there". i was in that moment. i was at peace and comfortable. i did what i was told. i packed dinner into the van, and i headed over to His cabin. i made the bed, and set out a plate of dinner and a can of cold pop for Him. And i waited. (He was helping A with her floating tent) When we were able to get a moment together (A and M were going to be staying with Him that night, because of the rain) we were right back to that space where i was on my knees, and getting my hair pulled and feeling like i belonged there. God that felt good. Eventually i left, as they were going to settle for the night. i went back to my cabin and relaxed and enjoyed the rain, and the fire, and headed off to bed.

Friday started ok. i started my fire again. i made breakfast while L&D&H set up the cooking tent and H's selling tent. i actually cooked over an open fire. i cooked eggs, bacon, pemeal bacon, and sausages. i did them in steps so that people were able to eat while they worked. J came over and asked me how long i would be. i said i would be about 1/2 hour. He said to go to A's site in one hour. i agreed (ooooops). 1 1/2 hours later, i finally left my site, took J breakfast, and waited for Him at His cabin. This was not a good start. He ended up going over to my cabin looking for me, had a bit of a confrontation with H&L and then came to find me. J and i had to talk. i was reminded that He knew my priority was the group, and needed me to communicate better, when i was available to be with Him, and do what He and i needed to do. Unfortunately, this set up a bit of a "road block" as far as H (especially) and L were concerned. (H never did get over it)

Friday was a bad day for me. i kept saying i would do things, and didn't. i felt caught in the middle as far as the "responsibilities of the group" and what everyone else wanted to do. i felt loopy. i was lost and needed centering. i never really got there. i had told J i would be right back, and didn't return, but laid down instead (that was when S&J arrived). i irritated J. i felt totally out of sorts. Things could have gone much better, but i really think i hit that cycle i sometimes do. The one where if i screw up, i continue, because i don't know how to ask for a way out, or help in getting out. (i really need to work on that). Eventually Friday night came together. J and i laid on His bed and worked on the demos. He told me what He expected of me. He and i wrote His handouts for the breath play demo. He used my back as His desk, while dictating to me. We played with the breath play so i knew what to expect. We talked about the blood letting demo, and what i was to expect. It was a nice centering, and "homey" place for me. J joined us all for dinner. P&E eventually showed up. There was laughter and i had my orders for the next day of demos.

Saturday i was up and ready to go by 6:00 am. i showered and dressed. i packed what i needed to keep at the demo sites. i was at J's cabin when i was supposed to be. i radioed L when she had wanted me to. i was great. i felt great. i was excited and anxious about the entire day. J was concentrating on what He needed to do. i was concentrating on what i needed to do. It was wonderful. L helped with the fear play. E did my after care for that while J still talked. Once He was done, He did my after care. We moved on to the breath play. (none of my group came to that) That was fun. i love breath play. He demonstrated different techniques on me. He had me floating. He made sure i was good after the demo. He made sure i got a kiss after my needing to walk away. He let me stay close when i needed, and He let me go away when i needed to, but always kept an eye on me. After the breath play, we had a bit of a break. i took a walk back to my cabin, and sat for a bit, and headed back up to the demo that i was most excited about.

Blood letting. i have never done that before. i had wanted to do it. i needed to do it. i wanted that sensation and pain. No one from the group showed again. That was ok. J was great. Sure He was concentrating on the actual demo. We didn't really connect during it. Well, at one point we really did. During the cut down was the best. It was still really great. It felt really wonderful. i have a beautiful set of stitches on my right arm. i have no bruising. i was floaty and totally on a high. We ended back at His cabin and laid down and relaxed and talked and talked. It was great after care. It was what we both needed. Eventually i left Him and headed back to my cabin to come down even more.

i am not ready to talk about after that. Things got really weird, and off center, and not great. Not with J, but with others. Maybe i will eventually be able to talk about it, but not likely here. Not yet anyways.

But, i am home. The MIT is with me. i have stitches in my arm, and love how they feel. i have a bruise on my right shoulder. i am still a little floaty. i had a good weekend.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catching up yet again (Day 54 of Summer Vacation)

i don't even know when the last time i updated was. All i know is what has been happening recently.

1 - P&E - P&E went camping for over a week. i am currently babysitting 2 hamsters, and keeping an eye on Salem. The MIT went there Tuesday afternoon, to make sure Salem was doing ok. Salem probably has breast cancer. Right now, the plan is just to make sure she is comfortable. Tuesday she let me pick her up, and she went to eat while the MIT and i were there. We also picked up the hamster's balls so they could run around our house. The MIT doesn't like Fritz (female) but loves Seven (male).

2 - The MIT - On Tuesday night, after karate, the MIT came home full blown. He proceeded to have a 20 minute seizure, and then continued to seize on and off for 2 hours. i called 911, and He was taken to the hospital. There we stayed until Saturday afternoon. During that time, the MIT seized 2 more times, had an EEG that showed some spikes, and has had His med changed. He is now on Topamax. Well, starting Topamax. We are putting Him on it slowly. He is starting to show symptoms. He feels like His feet want to leave His body. He gets dizzy easily. Dad says the MIT looses His right side about an hour after taking his med. i will wait and see. i don't like that they sent us home on Saturday. i wanted Him in until Monday, just in case. At least with His getting out on Saturday, He was able to go to His grading. He now has a blue-stripe belt. He was so proud of it, He brought it home to me. i am really proud of Him.

3 - me - i am tired. i am stressed. i missed my therapy session because i forgot what time it was scheduled for. i am anxious. What if something happens while i am away? What if something goes wrong with the MIT's new meds? i do know not to live with "what if's" but i can't help it. They are in the back of my head. i am so tired. i can't seem to catch up on sleep, no matter how much time i am given. i want to cut so badly. i want to feel in control. my house isn't anywhere close to what i count as clean. i feel like there is just so much to do. i still have 2 appointments this week. One for therapy, and one with the doctor. Add to that, preparations for camp.

4 - Camp - For most people, there is only 4 sleeps until camp. For me, 2 sleeps. One on Tuesday evening, and one on Wednesday evening. i haven't gone shopping for everything, or anything, yet. i haven't started to gather stuff. Tomorrow i will be starting that. i still have a tunic and maybe a toga to make for J. i still have to learn how to roll. i want to be able to relax starting Thursday. i want to go and just "be". i am looking forward to pain. Sure it is by a hand i haven't even met yet, but at least i know i will feel pain. Yes, i am excited, but i am also worried. i am worried i won't have the money i need to buy what i need for camp. i am worried i will forget stuff. i am worried i will be so tired by Thursday, that i won't want to participate in anything to do with camp.

i guess that is all i need to catch up on. i am going to go and watch the Olympics. At least i have something to watch all night.